Welcome to the GGZ Community

If you're into Spades, this is the place to be - play socially or get involved in tournaments. If you fancy some Hearts or Bridge then we have that too but people seem more interested in Spades for some reason...


New features:

Revision # 9314 (or right click and download)

Tournament Schedule

Tournaments are being run regularly by various hosts. You can view the full schedule here.


There are some help pages available for getting started.

If you have problems or questions that aren't covered that page, get in touch by talking to our on duty officer through MSN or email by using ggz_on_line@hotmail.com and they will be more than happy to help.

Some people have experienced problems if a popup blocker is enabled. If you are having trouble with windows not appearing, try disabling your popup blocker for this site. One way of doing that is to add this site to the list of trusted sites in IE. If you are still experiencing problems with the applet you can try downloading the application version using the link above. Once it's downloaded you can run it by double clicking on it.

Note: a + in front of someone's nic means nothing here - this is not "The Zone". Instead, there are icons next to each player to represent the type of player they are. Hosts have a cake Host, admins have a shield Admin and everyone else is just a torso Guest or Registered.

See the available emoticons.


If you are interested in hosting tournaments at GGZ please send an email to GGZ_Hosting@hotmail.com, with your hosting experience and contact address. We will send you a copy of the Hosting Guidelines. If you agree to abide by the guidelines we will set up either an evaluation or a training schedule with you.

About GGZ

GGZ Community is not affiliated with any other site or company, it's just us.

Why play on GGZ? Because it's by the people, for the people. No one owns it so if you want to change something you can. Don't like the icons, create some news ones and send them to us. Don't like the rules? Let us know and they'll be changed. Know how to program? Write some code. Don't like the help? Write better help. Don't like the colours? Fix it. You get the picture... You may have seen more professional sites but then they're run by companies, we're just a bunch of people that want to create quality, free games. If you'd like to know more about the project, please visit the project home page.